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Living clothing
Living music
Living word
Living art
Living dance
Living creatively

Livinlife is a lifestyle brand that promotes original living.
It is for people who dare to step out from their comfort zone, challenge the norm and who have the courage to be different.
The type of person who wants to set trends and who has the confidence to Live their life to the fullest.
It is for young people who are daring enough to leap onto life’s vehicle and ride it into new paths which can be enjoyed by all.
Basically, if you’re Livinglife then you’re saying a lot without saying anything at all.

Livinlife is…
Creative – always creating new styles and trends.
Livinlife is…
Imaginative – expressing our dreams through our clothing.
Livinlife is…
Productive – Get dressed for a purpose as well as looking good.
Livinlife is…
Inspired – the words from your favourite book and the beat from the liveliest rhythm are all poured into the design of our clothing.
Livinlife is…
More than just a clothing company it is a movement.